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ICyberg™ Products Company is dedicated to promoting products that are innovative and technical in nature. We are particularly interested in the veterinary medical and pet supplies market. Our warehouse is located in Camarillo, California, USA.

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Bill Taber




The origin of the term ICyberg™ comes from a consideration of the nature of the high tech impact of the Internet on business and the notion that what you see "above the water" is only part of the story -- cyber and iceberg combined.

Presidentīs Message
The pet services industry is growing at a rapid rate, but as in many industries competition is intense. We offer assistance to the typical small veterinary business, intending to help companies differentiate themselves and remain competitive as the industry grows and consolidates.

Mission Statement
We offer to share our vision of where the pet animal business is headed in the near future and within the next five to ten years by selectively publishing and commenting on information obtained from a wide variety of news and information sources. Part of our business will be to represent and distribute unique, high quality products to the veterinary profession.

Company Background
ICyberg™ Products Company has grown from efforts completed in development of a highly successful veterinary specialist clinic in Southern California. Lessons learned by building both the practice and the facilities form the basis of current and future efforts by ICyberg™. The President of ICyberg™ Products Company is an engineer by education and experience and applies his understanding of technical issues to those of the veterinary medical business arena.

We have developed unique solutions to data management primarily applicable to the specialty practices. One of our goals is to assist other specialists in applying similar techniques to improve productivity, enhance profitability, and develop strategic advantages.

The web site for the Animal Eye Clinic veterinary specialty clinic in Camarillo, CA (Ventura county), USA is

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Updated March 4, 2005

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