Do you offer unique, innovative products?
Answer: It is our objective to represent products that are either unique, innovative or both. We plan to offer these products through this web site and from our local distribution center.

How do I order and pay for a product?
Answer: We take phone and FAX orders and arrange for shipment and payment.

How do I contact you for ordering?
Answer: Call us during at 805-312-4824. Leave a voice message for a return call. Please repeat your phone number and tell us what state you are calling from.

What are the key characteristics of Scientific Cat Litter?
Answer: See below.

Scientific Cat Litter™ warns owners if the pH level in their catīs urine as it approaches 7.5 or above. This patented cat litter turns a shade of red if the cat is suffering an imbalance. The darker shade of red the more serious the problem may be. This concentrated cat litter is also clumpable, flushable, odor free, dustless, environmentally safe & lightweight with 2 lbs. equaling 14 lbs. of other brands.


· Urinary Tract Health
Scientific Brand Cat Litter is formulated with an early warning detection process that identifies urinary tract infections, a leading cause of illness and death in cats.

· Environmentally Safe
Scientific Brand Cat Litter does not bio-accumulate or contribute to landfill and solid waste problems.

· Controls Odor
Contains an odor control agent and an anti-bacterial germicide that positively eliminates odors.

· Safe for Your Cat
Contains all natural ingredients and is 100% safe for cats. Contains no sodium bentonite and produces no silica dust which may cause feline illnesses.

· Bio-Clumping
Scientific Brand Cat Litter contains a unique bio-clumping agent that when combined with moisture forms a soft, pliable lightweight clump that's easy to scoop and flush.

· Flushable
All ingredients are eco-friendly, made from specially formulated, degradable aggregate that dissolves in any plumbing system.

· Convenient Light Weight
Scientific Brand Cat Litter is significantly lighter than clay based litters. One 2 1/2 pound box does the work of 17 pounds of competitive litters, making it much more convenient to use.


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Updated March 4, 2005

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